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      Going vegan is a lot more than just not eating animals. It's a lifestyle that stems from re-developing a greater sense of empathy and compassion - not just for the animals, but for all sentient beings. Other humans included. 



      This 112 page comprehensive guidebook is filled with colorful photos and 15 actionable steps towards going vegan. You'll read about:

      🌱 A basic introduction to various critical social and environmental issues caused by industrial agriculture

      🌱 How we became meat eaters and milk drinkers growing up

      🌱 How a whole-food plant-based diet can help prevent certain chronic lifestyle diseases

      🌱 Where to get your plant protein from

      🌱 How human health is affected by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)

      🌱 Mindful eating and how it can help with your digestion and health

      🌱 Which vitamins and minerals vegans need to consume

      🌱 Plant milks and why they're better for you and our for our planet

      🌱 Items you can start stocking in your pantry

      🌱 Common "veganized" recipes shared by Vegan chefs from around the world

      🌱 Resources that will help keep you informed and up to date

      🌱 And much more...



      This Vegan Starter Guidebook will be available soon. Fill out your info below and we'll let you know how you can be the first to get a copy. You will also receive special promotional discounts on all Vegan As Fvck gear!



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      dog and pig what's the difference go vegan         

      In one section of the book, you'll read about social conditioning and why we perceive certain animals as pets versus others as food. Many of us avoid what's known as cognitive dissonance.


      "Our society as a whole has grown up to be pet lovers - but not animal lovers. As a result, an emotional disconnection from certain animals is all too common."


      pig versus dog go vegan


      Throughout the entire book you will come across a total 15 Actionable Steps Towards Going Vegan. These practical acts ranging from super simple to more thought-provoking and planned out activities with friends are included to provide you with a boost into the world of veganism. It all starts with education and awareness and your personal desire to be the best version of you.